Energy efficiency & renewable products:

The sun has been producing energy for 4.5 billion years and will continue for many more. Earth’s natural resources are running out fast. We now have the technology of solar panels to capture this energy and use it to serve us in the form of free thermal heating.

Oil costs are set to rise year on year. The UK does not produce the amount of oil and gas required to light and heat our homes therefore we are forced to buy our energy on a global market which fluctuates. When the prices rise these are passed onto the consumer and when they fall, the savings are withheld.

It now makes sense to invest in solar energy and produce your own hot water as it’s not going to be cheaper in the foreseeable future.

Solar water heating systems use solar panels, called collectors, fitted to your roof. The panels harness rays of sunlight and use them to heat water. They are attached to your roof and use an intelligent heat transfer system to pass heat from the sun directly into the water in your cylinder. They don’t rely on direct sunlight, so they will work on cloudy days.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems can supply 50 – 70% of your hot water for free. This will make a real difference to your home, your energy bills and the planet.

Most homes will need to be fitted with a special type of hot water cylinder as part of any solar thermal system. It is therefore best to consider a solar thermal system when you are undergoing renovations to your home or central heating system.

Solar Panels – Solar Collectors

There are two main types of solar collector the first is the flat panel solar collector and the second is the evacuated tube collectors. There are benefits and draw backs to both types as you will see. The benefits of the flat panel solar collectors are that they are very robust and should be considered in areas where vandalism is a possibility. The other benefit is that they can be built into the roof structure just like a Velux roof window this type of installation looks more aesthetically pleasing than other type of installation. Flat panel collectors are slightly less efficient than evacuated tubes. However evacuated tubes do lose efficiency over time, where as the flat panel collector’s efficiency stays the same. Flat panel collectors also have a long life span and are virtually maintenance free.

Evacuated Tubes:

Evacuated tubes come in two main types, the U tube or fully flooded tube, and the second is the heat pipe tube. Evacuated tubes are more efficient than flat panel collectors, however they are more likely to require maintenance during their life span ands are prone to breaking and vandalism. Our choice for the evacuated tubes would be the heat pipe tubes which are very efficient and are less likely to cause over heating.

Some Considerations:

South westerly or west facing roof needed with a 35 degree pitch that is not shaded by trees.

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